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1. How is URW CV Joint quality compared with the genuine CV Joints ?

Some test results show us URW CV Joint life and duarability is equal to or more than the genuine one. Now one car manufacturer begins to handle our CV Joint in after market.

2. Can URW develop the CV Joint which has just begun to increase the demand in the market (new application) ?

Of course, yes. Please let us know the information. We will consider the development positively.

3. URW CV Joint is made in Japan?

Yes. Not only CV Joint itself, but the other component parts such as grease, boot, band and nut are Japanese make, too. Our CV Joint are 100% made in Japan.

4. What is the relationship of URAWA INDUSTRY and Matsui Universal Joint Corporation?

URAWA INDUSTRY is one division of Matsui Universal Joint Corporation.
Some facilities for OEM products in Matsui are applied to URW CV Joints, too.
URW CV Joint are manufactured under the same OEM production system and QC system.

5. How about the delivery times?
We believe our delivery time is reasonable. For detail, please contact us.

6. Does URW have applications for Korean vehicles?

Yes. Our applications for Korean vehicles has been increased for a recent couple of years. Please try URW CV joint for Korean vehicles, too.

7. What kind of sales policy does URW have?

Our strategy for approaching the markets depends on the each market situation.
For detail, please contact us.

8. Does URW have any agent in Europe?

Yes. We have a subsidiary company, URW EUROPA B.V. company in Netherlands. For detail, please see glinksh
9. How is the price of URW CV Joint?

Frankly speaking, the price of URW CV joint is not so cheap among the other Japanese CV Joints.
But instead, the life and durability of URW CV joint is the best among the all after market CV joints.

10. Some URW CV Joints seem to have different appearance as compared with genuinec?

We develop the CV Joint by our own design. So, some of them have the little different appearance compared with the original one. However our quality and dualabilty are equal to or more than the original one.

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